* This is a database of registered Newfoundland and Labrador Doctors.

Quality Assurance Reviews

Quality Assurance Reviews

Pursuant to the provisions of the Medical Act, 2011, the College may conduct a Quality Assurance Review to assess physicians fitness to practice medicine. A Quality Assurance Review may involve a review of one or more aspects of a physician’s:

  1. conduct,
  2. competence (application of knowledge and skill); and/or
  3. physical and mental health.

How are physicians referred for a Quality Assurance Review?

There are several ways a physician can be referred for a Quality Assurance Review. For example:

  • The College may identify a physician who needs assessment and assistance to maintain or improve their competence.
  • The results of a PPR-NL peer review may suggest a physician could benefit from additional support.

Quality Assurance Reviews – Possible Outcomes

When conducting a Quality Assurance Review, the College will work with physicians to gain an understanding of their particular circumstances and issues. There are a number ways in which the College can support members while also ensuring that members of the public are protected from risks posed by a potential health or competency issue. Possible outcomes of a Quality Assurance Review may include:

  • An evaluation, assessment or review of a physician’s:
    • professional practices,
    • capacity; or,
    • fitness to practice
  • Direction by the College for a physician to:
    • obtain medical treatment
    • complete a course of studies or an educational or training program
    • restrict their medical practice; and/or,
    • continue their medical practice under certain conditions