* This is a database of registered Newfoundland and Labrador Doctors.


The College regulates the practice of medicine in the public interest. As part of the College’s responsibility to protect the public, the College works with physicians to ensure patients are provided the quality of care they require. CPSNL administers programs that will help ensure physicians practice to the highest standards possible. The College actively engages with physicians through complementary quality assurance and quality improvement programming:

  • Quality Assurance – Ensuring that predefined standards have been met, using objective processes.  Quality Assurance activities answer the question, “Are we meeting the standard(s)?
  • Quality Improvement – Understanding current levels of practice quality, identifying gaps between actual and expected quality, and introducing changes in practice for measurable results. Quality Improvement processes answer the questions, “Why wasn’t the standard met?”, and “What can we do to meet and then exceed the standard?