* This is a database of registered Newfoundland and Labrador Doctors.

2024 Licence Renewal

Under the Medical Act, 2011, a Licence to Practice Medicine and a Professional Medical Corporation (PMC) Licence expire January 15 each year, unless renewed prior to expiration.

Please ensure the College has a valid and current email address on file to receive instructions to complete your 2024 licence renewal application. You may login to your Physician Portal to verify or update.

If you do not intend to renew your licence, please notify the College at renew@cpsnl.ca.

Important Dates

November 1:  2024 licence renewal period begins for Licences to Practice Medicine and PMC licences

December 2:   Administrative penalties applied for licence renewal applications submitted after December 1

January 16:     Annual licences expire if not renewed by January 15

Renewal Fees
DateNovember 1 – December 1December 2 – January 15January 16+
Licence Fee$2,300$2,300$2,300
Administrative Penalty$500$500
Reinstatement Fee$300
Total Fee Applicable$2,300$2,800$3,100

Items Required to Complete the 2024 Licence to Practice Medicine Renewal Application – (printable version)
  • Login credentials for the College’s Physician Portal.
    • There are separate login credentials for Physician Licence to Practice Medicine and Professional Medical Corporation accounts.
  • Confirmation of Sponsorship
    • If you hold a Provisional Licence, confirmation of sponsorship must be received directly from Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Health Services before your licence will be renewed.
  • Professional Liability Coverage Information
    • You must hold continuous professional liability coverage for the duration of your licence, unless you hold Non-Practicing status.
  • National Certifying College number and status for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes
    • College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC).
  • Membership information with the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association (NLMA)
    • You must be a member of the NLMA within 30 days of licence renewal, in accordance with the Medical Act, 2011 s. 24(3).
  • Certificate of Professional Conduct (CPC)
    • If you practiced medicine outside Newfoundland and Labrador in the 12 months prior to the renewal of your licence, a CPC is required from each of the jurisdictions in which you practiced.
    • If this applies to you, receipt of your CPC(s) is required before your licence will be renewed.  As it may take several weeks for other jurisdictions to provide a CPC to the College, please make the request(s) as soon as possible. The College will accept CPCs issued October 16, 2023, or later for the 2024 licence renewal period.
  • Valid Credit Card
    • Visa or MasterCard.

Key application changes and highlights for the 2024 Licence Renewal can be found on the Notice to College Members – 2024 Licence Renewal dated October 16, 2023.

Connect with College Staff for Assistance

College staff are available during business hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm):

  • Telephone:     1-844-701-8330
  • Email:              renew@cpsnl.ca