* This is a database of registered Newfoundland and Labrador Doctors.

Discipline Hearings and Settlement Agreements

Discipline Hearings and Settlement Agreements

Complaints Referred to Discipline Panel

The following complaints have been referred for a hearing before the Adjudication Tribunal appointed under the Medical Act, 2011.

The referral of a complaint to a hearing does not constitute a finding that a physician is guilty of conduct deserving of sanction.


PhysicianStatusDate, Time, Location
DOLEZALEK, Jan Adjudication Tribunal decision pending October 27, 2022 at 9:30am.
MIROLO, Hugh Referred to Discipline Panel TBD
ARCHAMBAULT, Etienne Referred to Discipline Panel TBD

Discipline Decisions

This list consists of the results of hearings in which there was a finding against the Respondent. The College posts and retains online the results of discipline decisions for 10 years following the date of decision.

PhysicianDate of Decision
BROWN, Krista August 10, 2022 Decision Summary
MARITZ, Jaco July 26, 2021 Decision Summary
OWOLABI, Adekunle January 8, 2021 Decision Summary
DROVER, Aidan October 1, 2019 Decision Summary
MIROLO, Hugh January 18, 2019 Decision Summary
MORRY, Peter John October 9, 2018 Decision Summary
MADU, Ikechukwu (Steven) December 5, 2017 Decision Summary
OWOLABI, Adekunle October 11, 2016 Decision Summary
YOUNG, Todd K January 11, 2016 Decision Summary
RIZVI, Syed A. October 21, 2015 Decision Summary
IMANA, Mohammed March 20, 2015 Decision Summary
TAYLOR, Christo Maurice October 18, 2014 Decision Summary

Settlement Agreements

PhysicianDate of Agreement
ELLI, Eric March 24, 2021 Agreement Summary
THISTLE, Brent May 13, 2020 Agreement Summary
KADHEM, Rasheed December 13, 2019 Agreement Summary
OWOLABI, Adekunle April 30, 2018 Agreement Summary
KADHEM, Rasheed September 14, 2017 Agreement Summary
RICHE, Cyril March 24, 2017 Agreement Summary