* This is a database of registered Newfoundland and Labrador Doctors.

College Pandemic Response

Notice to College Members

March 23, 2020


This is an incredibly challenging time for physicians and the healthcare system as a whole.  On behalf of the College, thank you to those who are striving to meet the challenges we see today while planning for the days ahead.

In this continuously evolving public health emergency, physicians are reminded to stay informed regarding appropriate practices from Public Health and the Regional Health Authorities.  As always, the College expects physicians to act ethically and in the best interests of all patients to support this emergency.

The College recognizes that physicians may need to depart from usual prescribing practices to provide continuity of care.  This could include virtual care, providing verbal prescriptions for controlled drugs, and extending prescription quantities.  In all cases, physicians are expected to have comprehensive clinical knowledge of the patient, apply due diligence in clinical decision making, and document decisions particularly if beyond normal prescribing practices.

College Staff Working Remotely

The College’s office at 120 Torbay Road has been physically closed to support social distancing. While work is continuing from the homes of our employees, the priority is work related to COVID‑19.  Response times for general inquiries, application processing times, and complaint processing times may take longer than usual.  We ask for your understanding.

Emergency Licences

At the request of a Regional Health Authority, the College may issue an Emergency Licence to a physician to provide medical services in relation to the current public health state of emergency.