Physician Peer Review (PPR-NL)

Physician Peer Review-NL (PPR-NL)

Peer review helps physicians to maintain standards of quality in their practice, while also identifying opportunities for quality improvement. Peer review is a requirement under the Medical Act, 2011.

The Physician Peer Review (PPR-NL) program is the College’s primary quality improvement program. PPR-NL connects physicians practicing in Newfoundland and Labrador with physician peer reviewers. PPR-NL’s review process is collaborative and collegial, and has been designed to respond to physicians’ individual practice needs. PPR-NL blends traditional elements of peer review—patient chart reviews and practice visits—with new approaches to facilitating quality improvement. By emphasizing reflection on practice and education, PPR-NL aims to highlight what physicians do well and to offer practical suggestions for improvement in identified areas. PPR-NL has been designed to help physicians focus their professional development efforts in a way that will benefit physicians’ patients and practices most.

Participants in the PPR-NL program will be asked to provide information about their practice, as well as information about their continuing professional development (CPD) history.  Some program participants will undergo offsite chart reviews and/or onsite office visits. Program participants will identify opportunities and challenges in their practice, and will develop an action plan to support meaningful change.

The College launched PPR-NL starting with community-based Family Medicine in June 2021.