Apply for a Licence

Obtaining a Licence to Practice Medicine begins with a formal application to the College.

Physicians previously licensed in Newfoundland and Labrador should contact the College’s Licensing and Registration Department for clarity and instructions on the application process. The preferred method of contact is by email:

All first-time applicants, and applicants not holding a Licence in NL in the past three (3) years, must submit an Application for Medical Registration (Application) through


Application for Medical Registration

For most applicants, the process to licensure begins with the online Application for Medical Registration (Application) in There is a non-refundable fee for this Application.

Using the Application in, applicants must complete and submit a Review of Qualifications for Newfoundland and Labrador. This allows for a review of your medical education, postgraduate training, professional certification, practice history, and current/previous Licence(s) to Practice. There are also questions about language proficiency and citizenship. Not providing all requested information may result in a delayed application process or result in the applicant being deemed not eligible.

Within the Application, please ensure the Review of Qualifications section is completed accurately. The College uses this screening tool for early identification of applicants that do not meet the basic requirements and therefore should not continue the process. It is important to NOT submit any additional documents with the Review of Qualifications unless asked to do so by our Licensing and Registration Department.


Issuing a Licence

Once an applicant has been deemed eligible for a Licence to Practice Medicine, the following are required prior to being issued a Licence:

  1. Membership (for Continuing Professional Development purposes) with one of the two national certifying bodies (College of Family Physicians Canada or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada)
  2. Membership with the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association
  3. Professional Liability Coverage
  4. Medical Identification Number for Canada (MINC)MINC consent form – provide current number or be assigned a MINC number via Medical Council of Canada
  5. Pre-Licensure Courses and Readings – Confirmation of completion
  6. Confirmation of Sponsorship (if applicable) – For Provisionally Licensed physicians, and Clinical Assistants, a Licence may only be issued under the sponsorship of a Regional Health Authority (RHA)
  7. Payment of Fees – Payment of applicable Licence and Registration Fees – See Fee Schedule