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IMANA, Mohammed

March 20, 2015

Summary of Adjudication Tribunal Decision

(Published under Section 50 (3) of the Medical Act, 2011)

On February 9, 2015, an Adjudication Tribunal established under the Medical Act, 2011 held a hearing into a complaint of conduct deserving of sanction, brought by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador (“the College”) against Dr. Mohammed Imana, a general practitioner practising at the Brookfield Bonnews Health Centre in Brookfield, Newfoundland and Labrador (“the Brookfield Hospital”). The complaint was based on an allegation by Ms. Marilyn Tulk (“the Complainant”) following the death of her mother, Ms. Emily Goodyear.

The Tribunal heard and accepted an agreed statement of facts as well as Dr. Imana’s plea of guilty to conduct deserving of sanction. According to the decision of the Tribunal, Ms. Emily Goodyear attended at the Brookfield Hospital on May 4, 2011 where she was assessed by Dr. Imana who diagnosed her with gastroenteritis and mild dehydration. Following the administration of IV fluids, Dr. Imana discharged Ms. Goodyear to return to her personal care home. As her condition continued to deteriorate, Ms. Goodyear returned to the Brookfield Hospital on May 10, 2011 where she was again assessed by Dr. Imana who ordered a complete blood count, kidney profile and IV fluids. A registered nurse interviewed as part of the College’s investigation stated that she received a verbal report from the laboratory at 1353 hours indicating the results of Ms. Goodyear’s kidney profile and that she understood from this report that the serum creatinine level was very high. The nurse stated that she verbally advised Dr. Imana that Ms. Goodyear’s creatinine was “way way up” or “way out of whack”. Shortly after 1500 hours, Dr. Imana informed the Complainant that Ms. Goodyear was being discharged from the hospital. When questioned on Ms. Goodyear’s blood work, Dr. Imana advised the Complainant that the blood work was normal.

On May 11, 2011, a nurse practitioner in Musgrave Harbour reviewed the results of the blood work requisitioned by Dr. Imana and noted that Ms. Goodyear was in kidney failure. Ms. Goodyear was transferred to the James Paton Memorial Hospital where she passed away on May 13, 2011.

As Dr. Imana advised the Complainant that Ms. Goodyear’s blood work was normal, despite not reviewing the results, he failed to maintain the standards of the profession and was found guilty of conduct deserving of sanction.

The Tribunal heard a joint submission on sanction which it accepted. The sanction is summarized as follows:

1. Dr. Imana provide a written apology to the Complainant and her family;

2. Dr. Imana be issued a reprimand by the Tribunal which will be placed on his file at the College;

3. Dr. Imana be required to participate in a supervised clinical and academic program which will include four weeks in emergency room experience and four weeks in internal medicine and include written reports from his supervising physician assessing his abilities in a list of applicable areas;

4. Following completion of the supervised program, Dr. Imana’s practice will be reviewed by a supervising physician on a monthly basis for a period of three months and the supervisor will provide reports to the College;

5. Dr. Imana’s licence to practise medicine be suspended for three months, provided that the College can issue a restricted licence in the third month to allow for participation in the supervised program;

6. Dr. Imana pay costs to the College in the amount of $20,000.00;

7. The Registrar of the College publish a summary of the decision and order of the Adjudication Tribunal.

Linda Inkpen, MD


March 20, 2015